America Graffiti opens in Brescia

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America Graffiti becomes member of Confimprese

America Graffiti among the retail leaders

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Solidarity for the victims of the earthquake of August 24

A small act of solidarity to Amatrice population

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The success of the project is immediate: the well-balanced combination of '50s hamburgers, brillantine, rock'n'roll and finned cars repays America Graffiti's creators. Everybody loves the idea of being brought back to a dinner in the fabulous American  '50s. 

The design is strongly inspired from the diners and fast food restaurants of those years, the menu offers a wide range of typical dishes at an unbeatable quality-price ratio and with rapid preparation times, which makes America Graffiti ideal both for a dinner between friends and a quick lunch break before going back to work. 

With 61 diners and fast food restaurants already open in Italy  and other 15 opening soon, America Graffiti has become an extremely successful entrepreneurial case characterized by high-quality, warm courtesy and active involvement and participation of the customers.