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America Graffiti becomes member of Confimprese

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Great opening party for Vicenza!

A real party the new diner opening ceremony

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Solidarity for the victims of the earthquake of August 24


Following the terrible earthquake that struck central Italy on the night between 23 and 24 August completely destroying some village and disrupting the lives of many people, America Graffiti has donated € 8,000 to the Municipality of Amatrice in order to provide direct aid to population as indicated by the municipality itself.

A small act that in this difficult time, along with the solidarity of many individuals and many companies, wants to express the closeness to those who, in a few moments and in such a traumatic way, lost their relatives and their own home. Aware that nothing can be done to bridge the pain for people lost, but at the same time calling for a swift return to decent living conditions.

We thank all those who participated in the collection and take this opportunity to thank also single America Graffiti restaurants and franchisee who, to respond to the emergency, have promoted collection of essential goods or money to manifest their solidarity.

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