America Graffiti becomes member of Confimprese

America Graffiti among the retail leaders

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Solidarity for the victims of the earthquake of August 24

A small act of solidarity to Amatrice population

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Great opening party for Vicenza!

A real party the new diner opening ceremony

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America Graffiti brings to Italy the tradition of the American diners and fast food restaurants of the timeless ’50s offering the typical menus of the stars and stripes hash houses in two distinct franchising formats: the diner and the fast food.

The characterization of the locations and the attention for the details, together with the events we organize and our delicious offer of traditional American dishes, will make you immerse in an unforgettable world: come and discover it with us!     

The "Diner" format

Diners originated from dining cars, wagons where food was served on the road: the diner is a kind of restaurant that, in the USA and Canada, originally was  a real hash house along the traffic-congested American highways.
Traditional diners shape the American landscape with their typical curved lines, cinematic interiors illuminated by neon lights and decorated with modern art objects, car plates, metal flake finish tables, counters with high stools and typical checkered floors. America Graffiti is the first Italian chain that brings to the “Bel Paese”the myth of the fabulous ’50s American diners. 

The "Fast Food" format

As its name says, it is a kind of restaurant where they serve dishes that are both fast to prepare and fast to eat, usually preferring the quick service at the counter to the service at the table. Today America Graffiti ridefines the meaning of the name“fast food” combining it with the traditional characteristics of the American diners and an unmissable culinary offer: a winning combinaton of quality and speed that allows you to taste the products that have become America Graffiti’s brand even during a quick, but absolutely typical, ’50s, lunch break.